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Why consider offering Norton's litigation defense programs to your debt settlement clients?

Don't sacrifice your precious clients to "Attorney-Assisted Self-Help" when they are sued. They will always lose and so will you. The client will never forget who put them in that situation.

Today's debt settlement world is far different from a couple of years ago. Although consumer demand has actually grown, the requirements and restrictions have made your industry more difficult than ever. You cannot earn your fees until after the work is done.

Banks and collection agencies know this. They want to put you out of business and are making an unprecedented attempt, through litigation, to achieve that goal. Norton & Associates provides your clients the legal defense they need to feel safe and protected enough to stay in your program and allow you to continue to work on other debts. 

​Are you unable to help your clients when they get sued?

Norton's litigation defense attorneys can provide the legal defense necessary to keep clients in your program, even when they are sued by a creditor, AT NO COST TO YOUR FIRM

Norton & Associates Law Group has debt defense attorneys in almost every jurisdiction throughout the United States, ready and able to defend your debt settlement clients' best interests. Norton's litigation defense work is thorough, effective, affordable, and immediate.

Would it benefit your firm to be able to collect hard-earned fees, rather than lose a client to a lawsuit?

​Are you a debt settlement firm whose clients are being sued?

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