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Norton & Associates can defend you in court at a reasonable, affordable cost!

The Bank has an attorney.  Shouldn't you?

Most consumers, even those that are utilizing a debt resolution firm to assist with their financial issues, are not capable of defending a lawsuit in court. There is an old adage that says, "the attorney who defends himself has a fool for a client."

Do you really want to match skills, wits, and experience with the debt collection defense lawyer who has sued you?

Do you really believe that you can learn enough through a few web searches to beat an experienced debt collection defense attorney?

Do you need help? Are you worried and afraid that you will be taken advantage of? Do you find the legal system to be strange and confusing?  DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Lawsuits can be brutal to defendants who don't take timely action.

Are you a consumer being sued by a creditor?

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How is Norton different from other firms?

Norton & Associates Law Group has debt defense lawyer attorneys throughout the country, ready to help defend and support you in your time of need. No matter where you reside, the size of your debt the creditor is demanding, a Norton debt defense attorney will work to give you the peace of mind and favorable results you are seeking.

​Norton's Lawsuit Defense can provide IMMEDIATE help to you and your family

  •  No requirement to be in any Debt Resolution Program
  •  It's OK if you are currently in a Debt Resolution program
  •  You pay ONLY for the legal defense of your lawsuit
  •  You won't be steamrolled in court by the bank's lawyer
  •  Prevent liens, seizures, garnishments, and bank levies
  •  In some cases, have unfair judgments, garnishments, and levies removed.

Norton & Associates Law Group's debt defense attorneys help consumers when they are sued by creditors, and Bankruptcy is not the preferred remedy for their situations. Though most debt defense lawyers are capable of assisting with bankruptcy where truly desired, ours​ understands that many consumers do not want to deal with the stigma associated with a bankruptcy that can stay on your record for many years.