Norton & Associates Law Group

Does Norton & Associates Law Group only practice in one state?

Norton & Associates Law Group's primary practice is in California. In all other states, we refer your case to a local debt defense attorney who is licensed in your jurisdiction and is an of-counsel associate of the firm. No matter where you live, Norton has a debt defense attorney to refer your case to.

What Does it Cost for Norton & Associates Law Group to Defend Me?

Norton & Associates Law Group charges one low, flat fee for defending your lawsuit. You are responsible for filing fees charged by the court, but Norton will quote you one fee amount, and you will never pay more for full representation.  Contact us today for more information.

Norton & Associates Law group is the Premier Debt Defense Law Firm

As a top debt defense law firm, our focus is strictly on consumer debt-related lawsuits. We will represent you when you are sued by your creditors for late or unpaid bills and debts. We do not practice in divorce, family, traffic, or criminal law; we only defend debtors who are being sued by those they owe money to.

Why Should You Hire Norton & Associates Law Group?

We handle thousands of clients' cases, just like yours, and we get very good results:

1. We will achieve a resolution with the lawyers or firm that have summoned you to court.

2. Though each case is unique and no outcome can be guaranteed, settlements achieved by Norton typically save thousands of dollars off the face value of the lawsuit.

3. In cases where your budget is less than perfect, Norton negotiates excellent long-term payoff agreements so that you are not in a worse position than you were before you were sued.

4. Resolving your lawsuit and getting you a comfortable payoff time period are the keys to your regaining financial stability.

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